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Scion Services

Scion Services in Lexington, NC

Scion Services in Lexington, NCDesigned and manufactured for the younger generation, Scion cars have become popular among people looking to have an affordable and reliable car in America. Scions are descendants of Toyota, having the same original comfort and performance that Toyota is renowned for. However, Scion models like the iM, iQ, tC, and FR-S have a more playful look.

It is crucial to remember that though the Scion is born from the Toyota line-up, it has unique features and accessories. Not many mechanics can offer the professional repair services you might need.

Perryman’s Alignment is an automotive service center that deals in the maintenance and repairs of Scion Models. We offer affordable and reliable services that will give you the confidence to drive to your next adventure. 

Why Should You Choose Perryman’s Alignment Services?

If you are in Lexington, Thomasville, Welcome, Midway, Linwood, Wallburg, or Denton, your first option for your Scion iA’s repairs should be Perryman’s Alignment. We provide quality repairs that are tailored to your budget. We take you through the servicing process to personalize packages that will not put a massive dent into your pocket.

In addition, we only employ Scion-trained experts to work on your repairs. Our team is ASE-certified and thoroughly understands all the ins and outs of your car. If you need your oil changed, the engine checked, or wheels aligned, you can trust our technicians to get the work done and get you back on the road in no time.

Our Scion service center follows the strict guidelines the manufacturer provides when making repairs, modifications, or upgrades to your car. We ensure that all our work enhances your car’s performance and health while maintaining its original standards. In addition, all repairs are done using genuine OEM parts and accessories to enhance your car’s lifespan. 

Scion Repair and Maintenance Services

At Perryman’s Alignment, we offer a wide range of services for any Scion model. Our services include:

Wheel Alignment and Tire Services
Our wheel alignment and tire services will get your FR-S back on the road. We perform regular tire services using the latest tools and equipment to ensure your wheels are perfectly aligned and increase your tire lifespan.

Brake and Suspension Checks
At Perryman’s Alignment, we perform regular brake checks, cleaning any debris and replacing any worn-out pads. In addition, our quality suspension replacement ensures you have a fighting chance against any bumps and rough roads.  

Oil and Transmission Fluid Change
Your transmission fluid and oil can say much about your car’s health. If you have a problem with your transmission, come to Perryman’s Alignment and get your transmission checks and oil changed.

Battery Replacement
Not all batteries were meant for your Scion iM. Our team will install the factory-required batteries that have a prolonged lifespan and provide enough power for your car’s electrical system.

AC Services
Our Scion experts are ready to work on any problems in your car’s compressor and air conditioning. They also check on any blockages or leaks that might result in premature failure of your xD’s AC.
Are you in Lexington looking for a reputable Scion repair center? Then make an appointment with Perryman’s Alignment today for all your car serving needs. 

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