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Lowered Vehicle Alignment

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Alignment and Auto Repair

Perryman’s Alignment and Auto Repair is where to go for help aligning your lowered car.
For many enthusiastic drivers who enjoy the feel of the road, a lowered suspension is a must-have. However, the car modification tends to haunt later as they plan to align their wheels.

You have probably heard, “your car cannot clear our jack,” from multiple mechanics. Few auto service shops work on modified suspensions on lowered cars. So, where can you get an alignment for a lowered car?
Perryman’s Alignment and Auto Repair is home to professional auto repair services for your lowered car. Drivers with modified suspension on performance cars can get affordable wheel alignment services performed by experienced professionals. 

Can a lowered car be aligned? The simple answer is yes. We have the right equipment to cater to lowered cars for drivers worrying about their car’s clearance level. Furthermore, our diagnostic team ensures that your car gets the correct aftermarket parts that meet its specs. 

How Does Lowering A Car Affect Alignment?

Lowering your vehicle can drastically change your car’s suspension geometry and alignment. In addition, it also creates extreme drivetrain angles, putting unnecessary strain on your suspension components.

If your lowered car is misaligned, you might notice irregular tire wear and steering issues when trying to keep your vehicle straight. If you have experienced this, it’s probably time to contact Perryman’s Alignment and Auto Repair.

Why Is Wheel Alignment For Lowered Cars Important?
Alignment for lowered cars is more important than you know. You should get your wheels aligned and rotated as frequently as possible.

Waiting until you get a new set of tires is not ideal for responsible car owners. Plus, you will enjoy multiple benefits from wheel alignment, including:

1. Improved Fuel Efficiency
Misaligned wheels lead to more resistance when driving. Your car’s engine has to work harder to propel the vehicle and maintain its speed. It reduces your car’s fuel efficiency.

Our dedicated team ensures that your wheels are parallel to one another. It, in turn, ensures that the lowered car has optimal tire resistance to conserve fuel.

2. Reduce Expensive Auto Repairs
Misalignment of your lowered car is an indicator of another serious issue. It is critical to get your vehicle checked out before finding your car in a fender bender.

In addition, driving a misaligned car can lead to uneven wear of parts of the steering and suspension system.
Perryman’s Alignment and Auto Repair experts can efficiently diagnose issues that cause misalignment in your lowered vehicle. Avoid paying more for repairs by choosing our lowered alignment services.

3. Keeps Your Tires Lasting Longer
Misalignment can also lead to further premature tire wear. Tires are expensive to replace regularly, especially for lowered cars. Getting the correct tire wear mileage is practical and responsible–you need to save money.

When your tires work in harmony, the synchronization provides excellent rolling resistance to your car. Furthermore, it provides the optimum and efficient tire conditions for a lowered vehicle.

Our lowered alignment experts will ensure that you get the best mileage from your tires with proper maintenance to boot.

4. Smoother Driving Experience
Does your car vibrate or rattle as you drive? Your alignment might be off. You might also notice drifting and steering problems when driving straight. You have to steer constantly to overcompensate for the misalignment in the car.

Luckily, bringing your car to our alignment shop ensures that your vehicle has better handling and response as you drive. In addition, an alignment appointment will also stop the vibrating or shaking of your lowered car.

5. Improve Vehicle Safety
Lastly, maintaining a lowered car helps it perform better. Misaligned wheels can cause unexpected car issues on the road. In addition, lowered alignment problems affect the safety of the driver and passengers in the car.

Driving with misaligned wheels will cause weak braking, suspension, and drivetrain components. It leads to a problematic and dangerous driving experience.

Our lowered alignment team will identify issues that compromise your safety and the car by thoroughly examining and improving vital systems in your vehicle. 

In A Nutshell

Getting alignment services for your lowered car should not be a hustle. Our lower alignment specialists understand the ins and outs of proper wheel alignment on lowered vehicles. Likewise, they know the intricate interaction between your suspension and car wheels.

If you are looking for an affordable and convenient lowered alignment service, contact us today. We are located in Lexington, NC, a convenient drive from Linwood and surrounding communities, and the home of the second largest lake in North Carolina, High Rock Lake.

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