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Mechanic Lexington NC

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Mechanic Lexington NC

Finding a trustworthy mechanic for reliable service is the priority of every driver. Good mechanic services will ensure your car runs smoothly, and keep your vehicle running for longer. Finding a professional who can reliably do this at a reasonable price is a challenge.

The Mechanic Problem

The number of untrustworthy mechanics offering auto repair services is alarming. Every car owner has met a bad mechanic. Some even had to pay to rectify bad auto repair services.
Luckily, you have us. We are professionals offering auto repair services. When you need a mechanic in Lexington, NC, you come to us.

Perryman’s Alignment and Auto Repair

Years of experience taught us how to serve the main street Lexington NC 27292 community. We are trained in various auto repair, diagnostics, and maintenance processes.
We will ensure you are comfortable and well-informed of every repair service we perform on your car. Trust us with your vehicle for auto repair at our shop on 415 N Main St, Lexington, NC 27292.

Dedicated To Outstanding Customer Service

Like every good business, we are dedicated to customer satisfaction. Our goal is a long-term partnership. We want Lexington NC 27295 residents to rely on us as the go-to service center and garage for auto repair services. Some of the business qualities that have transformed our shop into a Lexington NC auto repair service landmark are:

Open communication lines.

We keep communication lines open for your appointment, and repair updates. Call, text, email, or shoot us a message on social media, and we will reply. 

Extensive auto repair services.

We offer a range of services. From tires and brake service to engine diagnostics and oil change, we do it all! And we are inclusive too. Every car brand in Lexington, NC 27295 will be knowledgeably repaired at the shop.

Mechanic dirty hands in lexington nc
mechanic working under the hood of a car in lexington nc

Fair prices.

Price is an essential factor, and we understand this. Our goal is to partner with awesome owners for auto repair in Lexington, NC 27292 long-term. We achieve this with favorable prices on all repair services.


We cannot let you walk out of our Lexington NC 27292 shop without verified tips on how to care for your car . You can find valuable resources about cars and repair on our website

Mistakes You're Making When Choosing A Mechanic

Replacing Car Steering Rack in NC areaMost people in Lexington NC 27295 are confident about choosing a good mechanic. Still, some cannot help but make common mistakes.

These mistakes could stick you with a bad service provider, translating to costly repairs. Significant mistakes people make include:

Choosing The Lowest Price

We get it; budgetary concerns must remain in mind when selecting a repair service provider in Lexington NC 27295. But this doesn’t mean you should throw out every other quality and focus on price alone. Hiring a mechanic based on their repair prices alone is problematic.

Many suspicious mechanics will often lower their auto care prices to improve the deal. But you could end up with cheap replacements, unsustainable repairs, and more problems than you came with. Keep a fair price in mind, but do not let it be your overall determining factor.

Failing To Ask For Certifications

Car Repair Expert Lexington NCA good Lexington NC car repair expert has a few or at least one certificate to amplify their reputation. Auto care certification also means the mechanic can work on specific cars.

Without certification, you will get an inexperienced mechanic looking under your car. This could mean expensive follow-up repairs. Be on the safe side and always ask about certification, especially if your vehicle has unique auto care needs.

Ignoring Bad Reviews

Some people also ignore bad reviews hoping that they are the exceptions. But several bad reviews should tell you that the business is not a place of great service.

Good mechanics take responsibility and resolve a customer’s complaint after sharing a bad review. These are the businesses to trust since they are dedicated to the customer’s experience.

Overlooking Poor Communication

Do not fall for the ‘mechanics naturally have no people skills’ notion. A good mechanic is willing to communicate with you effectively. And they will remain professional and polite no matter how many questions you ask.Repairing Motor With Car Lift Lexington NC

Do not overlook poor communication because it will give you anxiety when your car is in the shop. Go for a professional who will keep communication lines active and open.

Rushing The Process

And finally, we know that you want to get your vehicle fixed and back on the road as soon as possible. But if you rush the process, it creates an environment for mistakes.

First, do not rush the vetting process because you could learn a little too late that they are not the best. Instead, take your time to ask questions and learn about the business. Going in deep will give you an accurate feel of the company and employees.

Secondly, when you select a mechanic, do not rush their first assignment. Rushing is how expensive mistakes are made. Mechanics could prioritize your timely request and make small but costly mistakes. Therefore, give your new service provider enough time to handle repairs or maintenance.

‘A Mechanic Near Me’

Lexington, North Carolina, has a rich history of fast cars. The city is the hometown of former NASCAR Busch Series race car driver Mike Dillon. It also boasts impressive NASCAR race shops and museums. With such a rich history, it would be a shame if you couldn’t find a good mechanic here.

This is part of the reason why Perrymans Alignment and Auto Repair chose Lexington, NC, as our permanent home. Reliable and affordable mechanic services are the top priority for residents of Lexington NC 27295, and surrounding areas like Winston, Salem.


We have served our community proudly for many years. We also encourage surrounding communities to take the short easy access route to the Lexington area for the best mechanic service in Lexington, NC. If you are in Winston Salem, visit us! We are at 415 N Main St, Lexington, NC 27292.

  • we are affordable
  • we are reliable
  • we are trustworthy
  • we are dedicated to the community

Partner with us today, and you’ll never have to worry about finding a good mechanic in Lexington, NC again.

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