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Jaguar Services

Jaguar Services in Lexington, NC

Hyundai Services in Lexington, NCA Jaguar is a sign of prestige and luxury. In addition, your Jaguar’s performance will distinguish it from other car brands. Regular maintenance is crucial if you want your vehicle to remain in mint condition. 

Servicing your Jaguar has a lot of benefits. Firstly, any service done on your car will improve its performance. In addition, regular maintenance also ensures that you are safer on the road. Lastly, maintenance reduces the chances of expensive repairs and extends your Jaguar’s lifespan. 

Whether you have a new or old Jaguar, you need to find the proper technician who will keep your engine purring. Perryman’s Alignment is dedicated to providing leading Jaguar services in Lexington, NC. For over 60 years, our Jaguar service center has delivered quality repairs and maintenance at affordable prices.  

Perryman's Alignment Jaguar Services

Our Jaguar center offers comprehensive maintenance and repairs to optimize your car’s performance. By undertaking multiple diagnostic tests, our Jaguar-trained technicians determine and fix any issues to your vehicle for an undeterred driving experience.

Here are some of the comprehensive services that we offer:

1.     Brake Pad Replacement and Maintenance
Good brakes are essential to stop your Jaguar while on the road. Worn-out brake pads and dirt in your Jaguar F-Pace can be a real problem. 

Regular maintenance of your brakes is essential to ensure your safety. If your brake pads need replacement, we install the original Jaguar parts to improve your car’s performance.

2.     Engine Maintenance
After every 10,000 miles, you should take your Jaguar XF in for an engine check. These checks ensure that your pistons and cylinders are still in proper condition.

At Perryman’s Alignment, our ASE-certified team will solve any issues that might affect your Jaguar’s engine. We repair and replace damaged components using OEM parts, improving your car’s performance and fuel economy.

3.     Transmission Fluid and Oil Changes
You might notice hard shifting or problems with your transmission. In addition, oil changes are necessary to protect your F-Type’s engine from stalling.

Our Lexington, NC, Jaguar service center is your ideal choice if you need your vehicle’s oil and transmission checked. We efficiently replace fluid and change your oil filter to ensure you can safely cruise on the highway.

4.     Wheel Alignment and Tire Services
Unbalance and unaligned wheels can lead to reduced fuel efficiency. In addition, unaligned wheels also reduce the lifespan of your tires and cause damage to your wheels’ housing.

Our wheel and tire services are integral if you want to get a few extra miles out of your Jaguar E-Pace. We use factory-grade equipment to correctly align your wheels, check your tire pressure, and rotate your wheels.

5.     Suspension Replacement 
Faulty suspensions in your Jaguar will ruin your driving experience and damage parts of your steering column over time.
Our Jaguar-trained specialists are knowledgeable in detecting faults in your suspension and steering system. Any replacement required is done using OEM parts to ensure you have better handling while on the road.

You can trust Perryman’s Alignment service center if your Jaguar requires maintenance or repairs. We offer nothing but the best services in Lexington and other areas around North Carolina. Make an appointment with us for expert Jaguar services.

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