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Daewoo Service

Daewoo Service in Lexington, NC

Daewoo Service in Lexington, NCDaewoo was South Korea’s first automobile brand. It is known for its affordable yet delightful vehicles. Their fuel efficiency and longevity make them excellent first-choice cars, which is why they are popular among Lexington, Thomasville, Welcome, Midway, Wallburg, Linwood, and Denton residents.

Perryman’s Alignment is your safest bet for quality Daewoo repair and maintenance service in the Lexington area.  No one knows your Daewoo better than our team.

We offer reliable repair services that are pocket friendly. Also, our specialists always use original or recommended aftermarket parts when working on your Daewoo. Therefore, you are guaranteed a seamless maintenance experience when you roll into our shop. 

Daewoo Service and Maintenance

Your car will benefit from visiting our Daewoo repair center. We offer a wide range of maintenance services that will get you back on the road and improve your car’s performance. We willdevote ourselves to conducting these services to the highest quality standards when you bring yourDaewoo to our service center. 

Our Reliable Daewoo Service and Repair Shop in Lexington

Over 60 Years of Experience
For decades, we at Perryman’s Alignment have been Lexington’s trusted maintenance service for any Daewoo model in the area. Our experience gives us an added advantage when tuning up your car.

Certified Professionals
Your Daewoo vehicle deserves the best care, which is exactly what it will get at Perryman’s Alignment.We have ASE-certified vehicle expertswithproven track records of fixing and customizing Daewoo systems and components.
Perryman’s professionals have the training and technical skills to ensure your Daewoo continues to run at optimal performance. We thrive on providing the leading repair services in Lexington, NC.

Satisfaction Guarantee
We use genuine or OEM parts to make repairs to your vehicle. These parts willserve your car for a long time. Also, we perform multi-point inspections to ensure that everything is running as it should, guaranteeingyour satisfaction.

Affordable Services
Unlock tomorrow’s service today! Perryman’s Alignment services help keep your Daewoo on the road. We understand that repair and maintenance can be exhausting and expensive.

Our services are tailored to allow you to drive in confidence on the road. We give you the peace of mind of affordable and reliable maintenance for all your trouble. 

Common Daewoo Maintenance

After you reach your 30,000 miles mark, scheduling a maintenance check for your Daewoo is essential. Our services include:

  • Steering and Suspension Components
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Engine Mounts
  • Brake Repairs
  • Windshield Wiper Repairs
  • Fluid check and oil replacement
  • Daewoo Inspection

In the event of an accident to your Daewoo, our repair shop is at your disposal. Perryman’s Alignment has the right equipment and knowledge to restore your car to its original condition. If you are in Lexington, Thomasville, Welcome, Midway, Wallburg, Linwood, or Denton, call today at (336) 249-4633 and make an appointment with us to tune up your Daewoo.

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