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Chrysler Service

Chrysler Service in Lexington

Chrysler Service in LexingtonIf you own a Chrysler in Lexington, you want to ensure that the technician who services your vehicle meets the highest standards in the industry. At Perryman’s Alignment, we’re renowned for offering high-quality maintenance and repair services in Thomasville, Linwood, Denton, Welcome, Wall burg and Midway. Every time you bring your vehicle to us, you’re guaranteed to get genuine Chrysler parts and great customized service.

Regardless of the Chrysler model your own, our knowledgeable staff and technicians will answer all your questions and ensure that you leave our service center satisfied. Whether you need a simple inspection or complex repair work, you can always count on our factory-trained and experienced technicians to get the job done.

Even though your Chrysler is designed to serve you for many years to come, it needs regular maintenance to keep it in the best in top condition. Therefore, do not hesitate to schedule a service appointment with us at Perryman’s Alignment to help keep your vehicle on the road for longer.

The following are some of the maintenance services we offer at Perryman’s Alignment:

Wheel Alignment

As a Chrysler owner, you must ensure that your vehicle’s wheels are properly aligned before leaving your home. Proper wheel alignment is crucial because it prevents uneven and excessive tire wear while giving you control of your vehicle. If your Chrysler’s wheels are not properly aligned, it’s likely that you’ll have a hard time keeping your vehicle on the right lane. At Perryman’s Alignment, we’ve been offering high-quality wheel alignment services to the residents of Lexington and its environs since 1953.

We have the latest wheel alignment equipment such as racks, wheel balancers, lifts, alignment systems and tire changers, enabling us to offer our customers superior wheel alignment services. If you have a reason to think that your Chrysler needs a wheel alignment performed, do not hesitate to visit our service center at your earliest convenience. Maintaining proper wheel alignment will ensure that your vehicle achieves greater stability and that the tires do not wear out prematurely.

Here are tell-tale signs that your Chrysler needs a wheel alignment service:

  • The steering wheel is off the center and vibrating
  • Squealing sounds from the wheels
  • The tires are wearing unevenly
  • Your vehicle is constantly pulling in one direction
  • Loose handling 

Braking System Maintenance

The braking system is undoubtedly one of the key safety elements inside your vehicle, and must be kept in good working condition at all times. Your vehicle’s braking system components need to be regularly inspected and repaired since they’re vulnerable to wear and tear. Every time you activate the braking system in your vehicle, brake pads and discs wear out. Therefore, you need to have your vehicle checked by reputable and certified technicians like the ones we have at Perryman’s Alignment.

You can count on our technicians to offer high-quality braking system maintenance and repair services to ensure that your brakes last longer and that you remain safe on the road. As you drive away from our service center, you’ll be guaranteed that your brakes will respond when you need them to, and they won’t fail you during critical moments.

The following are signs that your vehicle’s braking system is deteriorating:

  • Delayed braking response
  • Presence of vibrations whenever you press the brake pedals
  • Squealing and clicking noise when braking
  • A warning light appears on your dashboard
  • The vehicle’s hood pulls to one side whenever your brake

If you reside in Lexington and its environs and need reliable maintenance and repair services for your Chrysler, look no further than Perryman’s Alignment. Our technicians are dedicated to offering you the best services to meet your needs. Call us at (336) 249-4633 to schedule a service appointment

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