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Auto Repair

American Auto Repair

Are you looking for a professional American car repair shop in Lexington, NC, and its environs? If your answer is “yes,” then Perryman’s Alignment and Auto Repair is the right place. 

Car repairs have gotten more difficult and expensive as automobiles, trucks, and SUVs have become increasingly reliant on technology. Maintaining an American car or truck is one of the most innovative steps a car owner can take to extend the vehicle’s life and increase its reliability.

Perryman’s Alignment and Auto Repair is your one-stop-shop for complete automobile care. By emphasizing transparency, honesty, and affordability, we transform the auto repair service for all our clients

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Complete Auto Repair

How Do You Find The Best Auto Repair Service?

It is important to find skilled American auto repair specialists for vehicle maintenance. Look for an auto repair service that can provide full-service vehicle repair. You need the assurance that you can always turn to skilled car repair experts near you if something goes wrong.

Our team of certified technicians has the proper knowledge and tools to diagnose, repair and maintain your American truck or car. We have you covered if you are looking for better fuel efficiency, performance, and road safety.

In addition, our repair and maintenance services are designed to meet your car manufacturer’s guidelines. It ensures the best performance and safety when you are on the road.

Which American Cars Do We Service?

  • Lincoln
  • Chevrolet
  • Chrysler
  • Jeep
  • Buick
  • Ford
  • Cadillac
  • RAM
Tire Alignment

Our American Auto Repair Services

1. Engine Repair Services
It’s easy to overlook your engine. Engine replacement is one of the most expensive repairs, so you need to avoid it as much as possible. Fortunately, good engine care will save you money now and in the future.

At our American car repair, we perform all many engine repairs. Our professional specialists will solve most engine problems you may have.

By maintaining your car’s engine, we ensure better car performance. Likewise, it also provides better fuel efficiency and engine longevity.

2. Computer Diagnostics
Without the proper diagnostic tools, it is hard to figure out what might be wrong with your car. The onboard computer system in most automobiles manages fuel injectors, spark plugs, and steering systems, among others.
Our team uses the most updated car computer diagnosis and testing technologies to thoroughly scan your vehicle’s performance, strength, and issues.

3. Tire Services
Reliable tire service is harder to come by than you think. You want outstanding service from reputable professionals regarding your vehicle’s tires. Quality tire service is integral for ensuring a better driving experience and fuel economy.

Our pocket-friendly tire services are performed by certified experts using the latest computer alignment equipment, guaranteeing that your tires are correctly centered on the road. We are committed to enhancing your car’s handling, from wheel alignment to tire pressure checks and wheel rotation.

4. Brake Repair and Maintenance
Your car must stop when you need it. Regular brake maintenance is required for your safety and to protect your vehicle. Dirt and worn-out brake components can be a problem when cruising the highway.
At our American repair store, we clean out any dust and debris that might cause your braking drum and cylinders to fail. In addition, we also clean out any debris in your anti-lock brake system (ABS), ensuring that your car does not skid out of control in case of emergencies.
We also perform regular checks and replacements of brake fluid and braking components at affordable prices. 

5. Suspension Services
Anyone who has driven with faulty suspensions knows how uncomfortable the ride can get. Your car and truck’s steering and suspension components wear down over time.
The certified experts at Perryman’s Alignment and Auto Repair have the knowledge to handle any diagnostic checks on your car’s suspension and steering parts. We ensure that you enjoy the comfort of your American vehicle every time you drive, no matter the terrain.

6. Transmission Service
Your car’s transmission is critical to maintaining excellent working order. Its operation will be hampered without adequate maintenance, resulting in apparent changes in the quality of your drive.
Our American auto repair services are ideal for a functional transmission needing periodic maintenance to a damaged system demanding extensive repairs. We can perform thorough transmission checks and transmission fluid replacement to ensure your car continues to run safely and efficiently. 

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Auto Repair and Maintenance Services